Who's Who

Mrs Barbara McPhillips

Chair of Governors

Mrs Victoria Rivett


Mr C Murphy

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A Kavanagh

Assistant Headteacher

Phase 3 
Mrs S Hancock

Year 6 teacher and DT Lead

Mrs A Khan

Year 6 teacher

Mr Thomas Moffitt

Year 6 teacher and NTP Tutoring

Mrs S Goodwin

Year 6 teacher and curriculum lead for PE and MFL


Miss J Hoo

Y5 teacher and History Lead

Phase 3 Support Staff
Mrs S Kaur

Phase 3 Support Staff

Mrs N Zaman

Phase 3 Support Staff and cover

Phase 2
Mr R Bennett

Y4 Lower Juniors teacher and computing curriculum lead

Mrs A Islam

Y4 Lower Juniors teacher and curriculum lead for English and geography.

Miss G Begum

Year 3 teacher and Curriculum Lead for Art

Phase 2 Support Staff
Mrs R Hunjan

Phase 2 Support Staff

Miss S Scott

Phase 2 support and Phonics Interventions

Phase 1
Miss M Mall

Year 2 teacher

Mrs C Horsley

Year 1 teacher and KS1 Reading and Phonics Lead

Phase 1 Support Staff
Mrs C Bridgewater

Phase 1 Support Staff

Ms L Kainth

Phase 1 Support Staff - Phonics and Speech & Language Support

Mrs N Fahmi

Reception Teacher and EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs J Hynes-Landau

EYFS support and Family Support

Mrs C Appleby

Nursery Teacher

EYFS Support Staff
Mrs F Donaldson

EYFS Support Staff

Mrs N Hussain

EYFS Support Staff

Inclusion support
Mrs S Rogers

Attendance Lead

Mrs S Greenberg

Cover Teacher, Wellcome and Speech & language [Tues/Thurs/Fri]

Mr A Hepburn

Behaviour, Welfare and Attendance

Mrs J Hynes-Landau

HLTA - Parent Link Worker

Mrs C Maguire

Pastoral Lead/Learning Mentor

School Support Staff
Mrs M Naughton

Office and Finance Manager

Miss S Kaur

Office - Finance and Admin

Mrs L Whitehouse

Office - Reception

Mrs B McGrade

Building Services

Mr S Singh

ICT Support

Mrs K Attwal


Miss M Nessa

EYFS Support Staff