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St. Clare's Catholic Primary School


We welcome everyone into our community in order to live, love and learn together in the light and example of the life of Christ

The Headteacher and staff wish all our pupils and their families a relaxing Summer break and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. Monday 2nd September 2019 is a TE Day. Please download our newsletter with information on our staffing arrangements for September 2019. Please look at our calendar for important upcoming events. You can access diary events on our app by clicking on calendars and on the dot under the date for further information. Please look under our new ' Wider Curriculum' tab. Please look under the Parents Tab for information on how to view our school website in your home language. If you haven't downloaded the app please try and do so as quickly as possible as it is now our primary source of contact (please ensure you have your notifications turned on).



Previous Pupil Premium Impact Reports:

Pupil Premium Impact Report April 2016 - April 2017

Spending of Pupil Premium money 2015-2016

FSM children - currently 47% of the school Reception – Year 6


Additional teaching assistants to allow all classes to have a full time TA to support them all morning in class and move to afternoon interventions across the school from January 2014.  This will target small groups of children who find specific difficulties in a variety of areas across the curriculum.


Artis - promoting speaking and listening skills through roll play and discussion, they will be working with all children from Nursery to Year 1 plus a few other children across the school who need language and communication support.  This intervention has been added as a direct result of poor baseline results for language and communication for Nursery and Reception which in turn affects our Reading and Phonics.


1 1/2 Days per week of Speech and Language support –we have bought in a specialist outside provider to assess and then support 6 children three of whom are eligible for FSM. (50%) Our second provider supports children and staff from Nursery to Year 1.


Behaviour Nurture group—7 children with behaviour difficulties are  or will be withdrawn from class  3 afternoons a week  to work on social skills, listening and modifying their behaviour to help them to access the curriculum in class more effectively.


Reading Intervention –delivered every morning currently supports 5 children with a further 5 in the Spring using a very specific intervention programme (10 children 4 of whom are eligible for FSM)

Reading support - Accelerated reader programme to be introduced during the Autumn term 2015 to support over 150 readers , through additional reading support and on-line resources.


Talk Boost - A speaking and listening intervention for small groups of children delivered 3 afternoons a week.


City Year –8 trained volunteers who work with us Monday - Thursday each week, they provide intensive support for focus individuals to support Literacy and Maths skills as well as emotional needs.  They also provide support for our Breakfast and After school provision and lead many after school activity clubs.  They currently reach over 200 children in school between them.


1 1/2 days a week we have cover set aside for teachers to provide 1:1, ‘Writing Coaching’ for all children in their class (48% FSM) each children will therefore have a personalised writing coaching session with their teacher each half term.


School trip subsidies –we always fund a proportion of the cost of a trip and may in some cases allow complete funding –this is to wider the opportunities of our children and promote their personal and social skills.  A large amount of funding supports the year 6 residential trip in the Summer term.


Wider opportunities - Let’s Grow Together’ a gardening project for Year 3 which promotes healthy eating and growing their own food to eat.


Birmingham Music service - Year 4 whole class, cornet and clarinet lessons –promotes self discipline, organisation skills, self confidence and hand eye co-ordination as well as listening skills and working together as a team. 


EAL support teacher

Spring 2015 -a dedicated teacher to teacher the children in Year 5 and 6 who arrive with very little or no English.  Support groups for the same category of children in Year 4 and 3.


Counselling service for children with emotional health needs.