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St. Clare's Catholic Primary School


We welcome everyone into our community in order to live, love and learn together in the light and example of the life of Christ

Please note changes of our Y2 and Y4 Maths Workshops. Year 2 has moved to Monday 10th February and Year 4 to Tuesday 11th February. Please scroll down for dates of our upcoming maths workshops. If you have not received a jotter message since we have returned to school then please delete your app and log back in. To further increase our communication with you then Please follow us on our Twitter Account search for Stclaresvoice and follow the set up information. A reminder for parent/carers enquiring about Reception Class Admissions for September 2020 that Parent/carers can apply online until 15 January 2020 to submit your application. Please note that we have now confirmed our final two Teacher Education Days, they are Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January. Please look at our calendar for important upcoming events. You can access diary events on our app by clicking on calendars and on the dot under the date for further information. Please look under our new ' Wider Curriculum' tab. Please look under the Parents Tab for information on how to view our school website in your home language. If you haven't downloaded the app please try and do so as quickly as possible as it is now our primary source of contact (please ensure you have your notifications turned on).

'Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities.'

Curriculum Intent

At St Clare’s we want:

  • To ensure that our children develop strong reading and comprehension skills and can confidently apply these across the curriculum. 
  • Our children will read widely, fluently and for pleasure. 
  • To develop children’s skills in identifying a purpose and audience for their writing and provide opportunities for them to apply these skills in ‘real life.’ 
  • Our children to develop detailed knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum and retain this information in their long-term memories.  They will connect new knowledge with existing knowledge to develop their understanding. 
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that supports the needs of all our children at St Clare’s and prepares them for the next stage in their education. 
  • To have plenty of opportunities to practice using new vocabulary, both in speaking and in writing.
  • Parents and carers to become confident in supporting their children’s learning both at home and at school.
  • To celebrate the rich diversity of the children, staff and their families and to share this with each other and our local community.
  • To follow the guidance of Pope Francis and learn to care for our World in a better way and to share this knowledge with others.

How we will implement our curriculum intent.

Building the Kingdom 

The new curriculum will be similar to our creative curriculum: ​ 

  • A termly theme​
  • An immersion event​
  • Use of Power of Reading texts and developing a wider range of foundation subject texts to develop vocabulary across the curriculum
  • End of theme, 'So What?' events to give meaning and purpose to the children's learning.
  • Linking the theme with National Curriculum subjects to support children in making links and applying their knowledge in different contexts.

Cycle 1 


Cycle 2 


Autumn Term (2019) 

Life and Dignity of the Human Person​ 

Autumn Term (2020) 

Call to Family, Community and participation 

Spring Term (2020) 

Option for the poor and vulnerable​ 

Spring Term (2021) 

Dignity of work  

Summer Term (2020) 

Care for God’s creation 


Summer Term (2021) 

​ Solidarity 


Our themes will run on a two-yearly cycle with children in each phase working together.  The themes are based on the Catholic Social Teaching themes.


  • The theme of ‘rights and responsibilities’ will be split over all the themes and work from the UNICEF  charter on the rights of the child to be introduced fro Spring 2020.
  • The termly theme gives the opportunity to really think about the purpose for learning and links will be made in most, if not all subjects every term.  Children and staff will be part of an immersion event  for every theme, this reflects the words of Pope Francis – See, Judge, Act.  We want children, families and staff to deeply understand the context for their teaching and learning and aim to develop opportunities for this over the coming year. 
  • Each term all aspects of the National curriculum will be covered in all classes.  Some subjects will  have a half term focus rather than a full term.