Robert Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B20 3RT


St. Clare's Catholic Primary School


We welcome everyone into our community in order to live, love and learn together in the light and example of the life of Christ

Please look at our calendar for important upcoming events. You can access diary events on our app by clicking on calendars and on the dot under the date for further information. Sports Day - Monday 8th July - More information will be provided. School is closed on Friday 12th July for Teacher Training and school breals up on Thursday 18th July at 1pm for the summer holidays. Please look at our Summer Study Plans for each year Group (available under Curriculum - Topic Maps). Urgent Information. Please read our Changes to the School Day from September 2019 In our PARENTS Tab (Change to The School Day 2019). Please look under our new ' Wider Curriculum' tab. Please look under the Parents Tab for information on how to view our school website in your home language. If you haven't downloaded the app please try and do so as quickly as possible as it is now our primary source of contact (please ensure you have your notifications turned on).


Headteacher: Mrs Victoria Rivett

Deputy Head: Mr J Hall

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs A Kavanagh and Mr C Murphy

Raising Standards Leader: Mrs S Rogers

Phase 3

Miss J Hoo - Phase Leader and Year 5 teacher

Miss G Begum - Year 5  teacher

Mrs A Owen - Year 5 support teacher and PPA cover and R.E. Subject Leader

Mrs S Hancock - Year 6 teacher and D&T Champion

Miss S Killian - Year 6 teacher and Maths Subject Leader

Miss L Ebanks - Year 6 teacher

Mr R Bennett - Year 6 Booster teacher


Phase 2

Mr C Murphy - Assistant Headteacher, Phase Leader, DPO, Year 4 teacher and Computing Subject Leader

Mr M Whittington- Year 4 teacher and P.E. Subject Leader

Mrs R Nguyen - Year 3 teacher and Science Subject Leader

Mrs M Powell - Year 3 teacher and Music Champion

Mrs S Dey - Year 3 support tutor and PPA cover

Phase 1

Miss S King - Phase Leader and Year 2 teacher

Mrs S Steele - Year 2 teacher

Mrs C Horsley - Year 1 teacher and Phonics Leader

Miss C Rowley - EYFS/KS1 support teacher and PPA cover

Mrs E McCann - Year 1 teacher


Mrs N Fahmi - Phase Leader and Reception teacher

Mrs B Hall - Reception teacher 

Mrs M Duncan - Nursery teacher

Inclusion support

Mrs M Duncan - Reading and Language support teacher

Mr A Hepburn - Attendance/Learning Mentor

Mrs C Maguire - Pastoral Lead/Learning Mentor






Phase 3 Support Staff

Miss G Begum

Mrs S Kaur

Mrs T Nettleford

Miss S Begum



Phase 2 Support Staff

Mrs N Zaman

Mrs J Carruthers

Mrs R Hunjan


Phase 1 Support Staff

Mrs S Gordon

Mrs C Bridgewater

Miss F Donaldson

Mrs S Murrain

Mrs P Sami

Mrs S Joshipura




EYFS Support Staff

Mrs P McInerney

Mrs Z Akhtar

Parent Link Worker

Mrs J Hynes-Landau

School Support Staff


Mrs M Naughton

Mrs S Smith

Mrs L Whitehouse


Building Services

Mrs B McGrade

Mr P McGrade



Mrs K Attwal